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May 8 2015

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Dec 15 2014

Marketing ideas for Golf Clubs

If you own a golf club you are probably looking to get more customers and clients to your club or course. The primary way you can do this (the only way really) is to market and advertise your golf club. A method you can use to do this is SEO. Seo stands for search engine optimisation and is the strategy used to promote a website in the search engines for the desired and relevant keywords. For example golf club in XXXX with this being your local area. Individuals will search for your golf club in your specific area and as a result either your website or a competitors ebsite will appear. Someone new to the area will simply select one of the top 3 results usually and go to that golf club to check it out. Its simply really!

HQ SEO is a company that has specifically designed seo and marketing campaigns for golf clubs, with some great success. But apart from SEO you can use paid advertising campaigns to give you some bigger bigger and faster results! Another few things to remember is social media marketing.

Another technique you can use is to hire a freelance consultant to do all of your SEO, online marketing, paid marketing and all the other things will simply fall into place. But here the most common problem is to hire someone that isn’t good enough or simply doesn’t know what they are doing. If anyone quotes you anything under £500 per month, its likely they don’t know what their doing. An SEO freelancer from ghost marketing is someone who might be able to do all this for you. He’s busy and only takes on clients in certain niches but its a very effective results based approach.

Another marketing idea is to simply rely off word of mouth marketing. This is the best type of marketing but it cannot be faked. Try using free gifts, such as Loudup do. And as so the only way to do this effectively is to have 100% amazing service or products, so good that people will go out of their way to tell their friends, share on facebook and generally tell people how awesome your golf club is. Its unlikely this would happen if you didn’t keep the best golf course possible, but if you have a solid 18 holes, great customer service and provide great value to people there is no reason why it wouldn’t happen.

Thanks for reading and I hope this marketing ideas helped.